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It's 2014, why do we expect things to be better?


You probably have seen it & you might have said it yourself. It’s the unofficial phrase of 2014.

It’s 2014, Why doesn’t thing exist?

Things are pretty great.

At this point, we (humans) can build bridges, feed millions & recreate the greatest things since sliced bread more times in a day than the number of spiders we swallow in our sleep every year. Generally speaking, humans are living in better conditions than ever before in history. We got something right. Although, not all things are alright.

While most of the world enjoys some form of a decent way of living & most of us have time and money to pursue not only our dreams in our own country but abroad; a lot of people seem alarmed that the world is (only) this good by this time.

It’s getting to the point right now that I see outcries every day about the fact that it’s 2014 and something is wrong (point being, it shouldn’t, because it’s 2014 and we should be better at things by this point)

For those of you playing along at home, This would be the time to create your own It's 2014!!. Be creative!

It’s 2014! Why is thing not a better thing yet?

It’s 2014! Why is group of people still exploiting _another group of people?.

Try googling

But, not really.

What’s fascinating to me is, why now? What is it about this period in time, with all of history leading up to this point, what makes us believe that 2014 is more than it should be.

Did we just wake up on January first 2014, feeling like things SHOULD happen, and things SHOULD change. Because at this point we SHOULD be able to do it.

What we are basically is saying that the things we are demanding or denouncing do exist, it’s just that we or the victim are deprived of them. We are simply confused that we have refrigerators that send spam-email, or that a thing we build & sent into space in 2004, landed on a comet flying across space, some 310 million miles away from our planet ; and yet, we can’t do all these things that seem so trivial, dumb and obvious.

####Maybe it’s time that we stop being surprised about our own flaws in the year 2014.

There’s nothing special about the year itself, and no single event is quoted in all these outcries headlines. We just collectively know that we should know better at this point in time.

After all, it’s 2014. We as humans have never needed things to be more great in a world as horrible we all live in. And we demand it, now perhaps more than ever.