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Andrei Tarkovsky - Stalker (1979)

Screencaps & quotes from Andrei Tarkovskys Stalker

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###Writer: Everything I told you before…
is a lie. I don’t give a damn about inspiration.
How would i know the right word for what I want?
How would i know that actually i don’t want what I want?
Or that I actually don’t want what I don’t want?
They are elusive things:
The moment we name them, their meaning disappears,
melts, dissolves like a jellyfish in the sun.
My conscience wants vegetarianism to win over the world.
And my subconscious is yearning for a piece of juicy meat.
But what do I want?

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And there was a great earthquake.
And the sun became as black as sackcloth made of hair.
And the moon became like blood…
And the stars of the sky fell to the earth,
as a fig tree casts its unripe figs
when shaken by a great wind.
And the sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up.
And every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
And the kings of earth and the great men
and the rich and the chiliarchs
and the strong and every free man,
hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains;
And they said to mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us, and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the lamb, for the great day of His wrath has come,
and who is able to stand?”

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###Stalker: You were speaking of the meaning…
of our… life…
Take music, for instance.
Less than anything else,
it is connected to reality,
or if connected at all, it’s done mechanically, not by way of ideas,
just by a sheer sound, devoid of.. any associations.
And yet, music, as if by some miracle, gets through to our heart.
What is it that resonates in us in response to noise brought to harmony,
making it the source of the greatest delight,
which stuns us and brings us together?
What’s all this needed for?
And most important, who needs it?
You would say, “No one. And for no reason.”
I don’t think so.
After all, everything has some sense.
Sense and reason.

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I love your eyes, my darling friend,
Their play, so passionate and bright’ning,
When a sudden stare up you send,
And like heaven-blown lightning,
It’d take in all from end to end.
But there’s more that I admire:
Your eyes when they’re downcast,
In bursts of love-inspired fire,
And through the eyelash goes fast
A somber, dull call of desire…